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An anchor for victims, justice and compensation

An end to fake news, untruths and fraud. We are personally fighting against it! And lots of partners are already on board. As a new company, MRS Project UG has set itself the task of identifying and denouncing abuses in our society and economy, initially from the personal environment of the founders, and, if necessary, having them prosecuted under criminal and/or civil law.

Our focus is on white-collar crime: fraud, embezzlement, corruption, tax evasion, etc. However, the public discrediting of companies or individuals, as well as bullying, are also areas that we work on communicatively with partners from our network and where we want to put a stop to with our lawyers. Our team of lawyers includes renowned specialists such as criminal lawyers, civil lawyers and lawyers specialising in media law. Step by step and with demonstrable success, we will develop into a brand name and of course also open ourselves up to enquiries from third parties. We offer our business idea as a service for third parties.

"If you have visions, you should see a doctor."

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

Our approach is pragmatic and without visionary fog. Is wee a deliberately fraudulent approach that has caused massive damage to investors? We believe so. We know that. As victims of the "wee bankruptcy" ourselves, we have learnt that individuals alone have no chance of making their voices heard, let alone successfully taking action against those allegedly responsible in order to recover some of the money invested if they are successful. We would therefore like to motivate like-minded people from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, France, the UK, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia to become members of our "wee-money-back" initiative. For international coordination - as well as for communication - we will appoint selected MRS Project representatives in each country. In this way, we will achieve a great deal of solidarity and loyalty in our common cause. Openness and transparency are important to us, which is why we continuously inform, communicate...

Location: in the courtyard of the former European headquarters of "wee".

With our own audio contributions and personal statements from those affected, which we publish here, we offer a platform for a broad spectrum of opinions. Critical publications also find their place here.

As an international community with the same interests and goals, we are a formative force that can exert a great deal of pressure and demand justice. With the declared aim of holding the suspected perpetrators of the obvious fraud in the "wee orbit" and the protagonists responsible for the "wee bankruptcy" accountable for their alleged mismanagement.

The founders Richard Schaurich, Rainer Röbke and Tilmann Meuser (from left to right) - about the self-image of MRS Project UG.

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“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success.”

Pablo Picasso

Not all of the estimated 150 million euros in investor money can have vanished into thin air - there may still be millions of euros in misappropriated funds in the private accounts of a few of those responsible. And this is precisely where we need to start in order to recover money for you, as damaged investors, and for ourselves. We want to know. With plenty of motivation and more than just hope! Because we have collected all the details on the subject as a credible "story", researched by ourselves and supplied by people who support us unconditionally. This story will stand up in court, because we know exactly what needs to be done now! 

We are convinced that the knowledge and experience gained from the successful processes with the "wee-money-back" initiative will develop a unique expertise for our team that can be transferred to comparable projects and new initiatives in the long term.

Our activities take place online and offline, on our own initiative or on behalf of third parties. We are aware that public awareness is limited at the start - but will be expanded step by step with a continuously growing national and international community. Our media partners guarantee this and we convince interested journalists of this. We work towards our mission with the utmost conviction, determination and a great deal of passion. We can deal with the criticism we expect. As a small but self-confident David taking on supposed Goliaths.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

Michael Jordan

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