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Taking responsibility, money back and satisfaction

A project is generally defined as a major undertaking that has already been planned and started. Each individual project is defined as a unique endeavour with a very specific goal. In order to achieve this goal, actions must be planned and implemented. Full of calculation - but with heart and soul and passion! Every single project has a beginning and an end. With our projects, we want to make an active contribution to ensuring that unlawful behaviour is both publicly exposed and punished under criminal and/or civil law. In the interests of those affected, the victims, the aggrieved parties of social injustice and fraud... This is why the MRS Project UG was founded with a unique network of supporters!

Location: Ex-European headquarters of "wee", 5th floor.

We are not a law firm. That's why we don't have any clients. And we don't represent investors who have been cheated. But we take care of their concerns and make it our own business.

On a modest scale, we see ourselves as a driving force for the realisation of fair play and justice. With our project-specific initiatives, we form strong communities of members that grow every day, gaining weight and influence... Because together as a team with those affected, we can actively contribute to ensuring that foul play in our society is punished fairly, injustices are uncompromisingly pilloried in the media and injured parties receive financial compensation from the convicted perpetrators for stolen or squandered investments ...

The managing directors Tilmann Meuser, Rainer Röbke and Richard Schaurich - about their "wee past" and current motivation.

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"Justice delayed is justice denied."

William Ewart Gladstone

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