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We are self-confident entrepreneurs - refraining is not an option

What happens when seasoned entrepreneurs like us are disappointed and frustrated? We think, analyse in detail, develop a strategy with an operational concept and then make a decision! Out of entrepreneurial passion. With consistency!  This is exactly how MRS Project UG was born... True to Mahatma Gandhi's motto: "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Start-up founders with passion and conviction: Rainer Röbke, Richard Schaurich, Tilmann Meuser (from left to right).

Only in Germany were more than 800,000 fraud offences recorded in 2022. The number of unreported offences is much higher. Who would report a start-up in which they invested a few thousand euros years ago as a small investor full of conviction? Even if the suspicion of embezzlement, balance sheet falsification or enrichment is obvious. As a rule, this means a lot of time and effort, combined with high legal fees. Especially in the case of civil lawsuits, because the burden of proof is on you. And, according to widespread opinion or personal experience: in the end, the cunning fraudsters get away with it! With the result that you have thrown more money after burnt money, which has also turned to ashes.

Has our world gone mad? Is there no more decency and respect? The amount of damage caused by recorded white-collar crime in Germany totalled around 2.1 billion euros in 2022, and the trend is rising! The annual damage caused by social/duty fraud: 113 billion euros - and rising! Damage caused by organised crime in 2021, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA): 2.2 billion euros. And the trend is rising! According to the digital association "Bitkom", the amount of damage to the German economy caused by theft, sabotage and espionage is estimated at over 220 billion euros annually, with an upward trend! The clearance rate for all criminal offences in Germany is 57.3%, with around 15% of perpetrators of theft being convicted. That doesn't sound encouraging for spending money with the aim of fighting for personal justice.

„The starting point of strategy is a great situation analysis. Intelligence precedes operations.”

Willie Pietersen, strategy grandmaster

We have spoken to friends and acquaintances. We had intensive discussions with aggrieved investors in a wide variety of projects, consumer protection organisations, politicians, judges, public prosecutors and journalists, as well as in bankruptcy offices and local courts. The answer to the questions "Who do I turn to in the event of a sustained suspicion of fraud?" and "How do I get my lost money?" was always the same. "If you have enough solid evidence, then go to the police or have your lawyer do it." The chances of success? Risky, less than 30%, according to the majority opinion.

"People with a new idea are considered crackpots until the idea catches on."

Mark Twain

We are not lawyers and therefore we do not provide legal advice. But we do involve lawyers, consumer protection organisations, detective agencies, politicians, judges and public prosecutors in our projects - actively at the forefront and in an advisory capacity in the background. And we pass on this advice. We have already received various enquiries for potential projects through our discussions. All enquiries have the same goal: to expose potential (investment) fraudsters and successfully take criminal or civil action against these criminals as a community.

We are starting with the shards of the shattered "wee vision", for which we will set up a powerful initiative as our first project. If you identify with our goals, we cordially invite you to become a member of this project-specific initiative "wee-money-back" or "wee-money-back". As we are not a law firm, we do not need a classic mandate. For a fair membership fee, every member receives the promise of being able to participate in the criminal charges and/or civil proceedings filed by our MRS Project UG against individuals. This applies to private individuals, entrepreneurs or companies!

To proactively prevent any expected criticism: We are not Robin Hood and we do not hand out gifts. We act in an entrepreneurial manner. And this behaviour is professional, which of course costs money. As in any company, our income must secure our business operations.

Entrepreneurs Tilmann Meuser, Richard Schaurich and Rainer Röbke (from left to right) talk about the founding story of MRS Project UG. Location: Ex-European headquarters of "wee", 5th floor, conference room.

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"If you don't act, you will be treated"

former CDU opposition leader Rainer Barzel

This quote has inspired us. As founders, we have spent a lot of precious time as managers in various roles at "Orbit wee". We were all convinced that the vision of "wee" is unique! Together with thousands of investors and employees, we wanted to become THE shining blue chip, to overtake Apple and Tesla on the motorway to financial success... In the name of MPM International, COOINX, the German and Swiss "wee companies". This dream has been brutally dashed, the corporate structure shattered into a thousand pieces by insolvencies. We were deceived and taken advantage of.

Money saved through hard work, which we invested with conviction in shares, tokens or packages, has vanished into thin air. That hurts... Should we accept that? No! Why? Because we are convinced that although a lot of money has been squandered here, a lot of investor money has also been manoeuvred into the private coffers of a few people. For us, one thing is certain: not all the money was shredded - it was deliberately re-parked. Yes, very few people survived the "wee bankruptcy" with a smile on their faces because they enriched themselves in good time and lined their pockets. And that is criminal! This is our personal opinion, which we will now substantiate.

We did not accept the obvious inconsistencies in the "wee cosmos" in the context of the bankruptcies! That is why we actively supported a law firm in a "class action lawsuit" for over a year. With the common goal of bringing those responsible for the "wee bankruptcy" to justice as quickly as possible! We cancelled this partnership because we were disappointed with the cooperation. We then spoke to and negotiated with various other renowned law firms... But we always found that we lacked the necessary passion for the matter, for our favourite cause. But we didn't want to compromise: And that's why we consequently founded MRS Project UG!

"Everything great in the world only happens because someone does more than he has to do."

Albert Einstein

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