New Zoom Call dates

Those who know their goal will successfully find their way

Our strength is the sum of all the individuals in the community: after all, knowledge gathered hundreds of times over and thousands of experiences result in unbeatable expertise! Our projects with the corresponding initiatives are open to all those who identify with us, who trust us, who feel cheated, who demand justice and want satisfaction. And last but not least, who would like to get back some of their "sunk" euro investment.

With just one click and a few minutes to register, you can become an active member of our community and a member of your initiative. We look forward to having you as a partner!

However, you can also participate by sending us ideas or suggestions, pointing out potential cases of fraud and describing brazen injustices in your environment. You can reach us easily by e-mail via the contact page... We look forward to hearing from you!

New Zoom Call dates

Here are our dates where we will provide live information about our company, mission, goals and measures.
Focus: the initiative "wee-money-back" or "wee-money-back".


Donnerstag, 25.07.2024, 19:00 Uhr
Zoom-Call (deutsch) der MRS Project UG – allgemein für Investoren, Händler und Vermittler

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